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Cupping Notes: Berries, Stone Fruit, Earl Grey, Honeysuckle, Round

Straight from Onyx themselves:

“Geometry has been defined as “describing spaces that lie beyond the normal range of human experience.” Soon it will also be defined as “that coffee from Onyx that I am in love with and completely redefined my relationship with coffee.”

It’s our answer for everything and has two of our favorite coffees – a washed processed Ethiopian & Colombian. This blend has become one of our favorite coffees. We love it as a filter coffee, and we love it as espresso. And not only does is it taste great as either but it’s easy to dial in as espresso or filter.

Origins: Colombia San Antonio, Ethiopia Gigesa  


Cupping Notes: Berries, Stone Fruit, Earl Grey, Honeysuckle, Round



Admit it, when you were a kid you didn’t think you would be thinking of Geometry as an adult. But we have turned the tables on you, like a Lazy Susan. But don’t worry our Geometry will not stress you out like middle school. Great as a filter coffee or an espresso this blend has become our answer for everything. Don’t believe us here are some examples.

Q: Which coffee do you want for filter coffee? A: Geometry

Q: What coffee should we have as an espresso? A: Geometry

Q: The Pythagorean theorem is a formula used in which form of mathematics? A: Geometry

This coffee is ridiculously good and approachable while also remaining complex. It will convert even the most skeptical towards Specialty.”

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